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My account is banned without spamming, violating, hacking, abusing

If you don't take any action in further. I will uninstall the game. I have a good opinion on Indus and I also not gonna play that game. Worst moderator.: Game has so many bugs to fix error connecting to Indian server We are in India but Asia server has better conectivity. 2.always screen not supported. Even ludo game has that support. exits it self when screen off. 4.worst game server every time says connection to game server but I naver. 5.if we create new lobby it creates only lobby not new match it throws into previously started match. Worse day by day. But you naver care about it. I was tried to stop abusing people but you were banned me for 5hours. That 5 hours I want make it 100 years. 6.the developers who are developing are sloths I think. I loved this game a lot but struggling everyday. you slapped on my face by banning that's why your game has high uninstalls every day. 8.keep it up you had good future. 9.everthing is for money. 10.make it scrap and sell it as fresh. 11.i have played this for 5years still nevers fixed more bugs, glitches. spectator glitch. Wow day by day you are proving your self. 13. I don't think that no one is reported this. 14.this is all your negligence. 15.have a nice day.
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